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Why should granular organic fertilizer be dried?

 Granular organic fertilizer is a material used to provide plant nutrition as its main function. We sometimes see that the granular organic fertilizer production line will be dried after granulation, so why dry it? Next, the organic fertilizer machine manufacturers will introduce to you:
1. Reduce the moisture of granular organic fertilizer
As we all know, the water content of organic fertilizer raw materials is relatively high, although the water content of the material has been reduced after pre-fermentation, pulverization and agitation, but it is only reduced to the water content required for processing the particles. Fertilizer standard, the moisture (free water) of organic fertilizer contains 30%, and the processed granules are between 20% and 40% according to the characteristics of the material. In order to meet the standard, drying and drying are indispensable. Therefore, the process of granular organic fertilizer production line is inseparable from dryers and coolers.

2. Increase the strength of organic fertilizer particles
There is no strict regulation on the strength of granular organic fertilizer granules. However, in the process of commercialization of organic fertilizers, the particles with too low strength are unfavorable for the transportation of commercial packaging. In the process of handling, the strength is low and the particles are damaged. The rate increases. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of commercialization, the granular organic fertilizer manufacturing process needs to be dried and dried after being treated.

3. Extend the shelf life of the granules
As a commercial granular organic fertilizer, it takes time to store the package from the start of packaging to the application of crops. This requires ensuring that the organic fertilizer is preserved as long as possible without reducing the nutrients of the fertilizer. The loss of nutrients is often the volatilization and the reduction of the strength of the granules. Therefore, after drying and drying, the storage and transportation period of the granules can be effectively extended. Therefore, the drying process of the granular organic fertilizer production line is also advantageous for extending the shelf life of the particles.

It can be seen from the above that after the granulation of the granular organic fertilizer production line, the drying process of the dryer and the cooling machine reduces the damage of the particles, reduces the moisture content, and effectively extends the storage period of the particles. Therefore, the granular organic fertilizer production line is inseparable from the drying and drying process. The drying process of the common organic fertilizer production line after granulation is realized by using a dryer and a cooling machine.