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How to choose compost turner machine?

Compost turner machine is an important machine in the production of biofertilizer project. Then, facing various compost fermentation turning machines, how to choose a suitable compost turner machine, we have summarized the following contents for purchase reference.

1. Performance: When we purchase a compost turner machine, we must first see its performance and see whether the performance is stable and safe. No matter what equipment is operated, it must be safe first. The performance of a piece of equipment depends on whether the equipment is good or not. Can be used for a long time, which will greatly affect its life.

2. Handling capacity: In order to determine the required throughput of the compost turner machine, the volume of the compost per week must be available for turning during the peak time. The throughput of a particular lathe is determined by the speed of its working stroke, and it can handle the size of the stockpile. Powerful machines generally have larger throughput rates because they handle larger stockpile.

3. On-site capacity: The processing is wider, especially for a given large volume of compost piles that the higher stockpile holds material. Self-driven lathes require less aisle space than trailer models.

4. Materials: The materials used by good manufacturers have good fiber content and lighter yeast viscosity. It can be used for composting and fermenting. It has strong crushing and stirring functions. Therefore, it can save the pretreatment process of the raw materials which are mixed and pulverized, which reduces the fermentation rate of the material during the production process and the progress. To make the material more uniform, loosen. For sewage treatment plants, filter sludge and other colloidal sludge sludge who has a viscous function, a soft pile turning point compost fermentation fermentation stacker should be used. Therefore, it allows more rapid dehydration and then shortens the fermentation time.

5. Cost: Because of the size, speed, strength and characteristics of the machine. Consider purchasing costs relative to throughput and capacity. The larger cost-effectiveness of the large dumping machine means that the compost volume is larger.