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Workflow and characteristics of compost turner machine

There are two types of fermentation equipment commonly used in biofertilizer project: simple groove type compost turner machine and ground-turning machines. Actually, the flip-type machines and turn-over machines are a type of equipment. The difference lies in the working mode. It can only be operated. The ground turning stacker adopts the ground walking method. This article introduces the working process and characteristics of the trough type throwing machine, hoping to help everyone better understand the fermentation equipment.

Work flow of simple groove type compost turner machine:
1. Put raw materials into the inlet every day;
2. The raw materials are stirred by the equipment to the outlet every day, and the distance traveled is the same every day;
3. After 30 days of fermentation treatment, the fermentation raw materials will be fully fermented and converted into organic fertilizers;
4. After a period of aerobic fermentation, the finished organic fertilizer can be obtained from the outlet every day, and a circular fermentation treatment of fertilizer can be formed.

Features of the simple groove type compost turner machine:
1. High efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable, even turning.
2. Centralized control of the control cabinet can realize manual or automatic control functions.
3. Equipped with soft starter, low impact load when starting.
4. The tooth extraction is sturdy and durable, and has a certain shattering and mixing function for the material.
5. Limit travel switch for safety and limit operation.

The compost turner machine must be timely maintained and cared for during the operation process. After all, care of the equipment can increase its service life.