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How to choose the right fertilizer crusher machine according to the material?

In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the pre-fermentation raw material pre-fermentation stage, pre-granulation stage and re-feeding stage all use the pulverizer to pulverize the material. The diversification of organic fertilizer raw materials has also led to the diversification of organic fertilizer equipment. There is no omnipotent pulverizer, and different materials use different pulverizers. The organic fertilizer pulverizing equipment includes a semi-wet material pulverizer, a straw pulverizer, a vertical pulverizer, a chain pulverizer, and a cage pulverizer.
fertilizer crusher machine
So what kind of fertilizer crusher machine should be used according to the materials?
1. Semi-wet material pulverizer
The semi-wet material pulverizer is a two-stage turf fertilizer crusher machine with two-stage rotor. The high-speed rotary blade is used to pulverize the fiber. It is mainly used for the fermentation of decomposed materials with water content of 30%-60%, such as livestock manure and crop straw, urban garbage, river silt, kitchen waste, almost all organic fertilizer raw materials. After pulverization, the particle size can reach 20-30 mesh, which can meet the feed particle size requirements of general organic fertilizer granulation equipment.

2. Vertical crusher
The vertical pulverizer is also highly adaptable to the moisture content of the material, and can pulverize the water content for 50% of the material. In the processing of organic fertilizer, it is ideal for comminuted effects such as humus, soil-like agglomerated materials, dry branches, husks and slag.

3. Straw crusher
The straw pulverizer is mainly used for chopping processing of plant straws such as crop straws and branches with a diameter of 5 cm or less, and can also be used for chopping processing of various crop straws and pastures. It is mainly used in the pretreatment stage before organic fertilizer fermentation. This is because the same weight of the same substance in the fermentation process, the smaller the particle size of the object, the larger its surface area. The larger the area in which the fermenting bacteria come into contact with the object, the faster the rate of fermentation.

4. Chain crusher
The chain crusher machine has a simple structure and is mainly used for block crushing and high pulverization granularity. Based on the above characteristics, the chain crusher is mainly used in the production process of biofertilizer project for the crushing and returning of larger granular fertilizers after granulation.

5. Cage crusher
The cage crusher is mainly used for fine crushing operations, and also plays a role of mixing even when crushing. It’s suitable for brittle materials, especially for the breakage of powder after agglomeration. Cage mill can pulverize a variety of single fertilizers with water content below 10%, especially for materials with higher hardness.