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What are the main points in the operation of the compost turner machine?

The compost turner machine is key equipment in the biofertilizer project, it’s helpful to the fermentation part.


The compost turner machine promotes the development of agriculture. In the fertilizer manufacturing process, when the machine needs to be turned over, it is often because everyone wants to save time or forget the basic safety of the most basic turner. Turn over in strict accordance with the requirements to ensure safe production. The main points in working on the turner are:
1. It is forbidden to stop the fire when troubleshooting. Some operators have found that the tractor or the matching machine has a fault during the operation. For the convenience of the figure, it is easy to cause a safety accident when the engine is not extinguished under the condition of the engine being extinguished.

2. It is forbidden to cut off the working machinery power when the tractor is transferred. When the tractor is transferred in the field, the power is not cut off, and it is easy to cause the trencher and the tiller blade, the harvester cutter, the planter opener to be damaged or injured when passing through the field, small ditch or other obstacles.

3. It is forbidden to cover the water tank. Since the water tank is often opened, the tank cover must be shut down after cooling water is added, and the cover is opened by many operators to save the time of water removal and cooling. This will easily cause a large amount of crop leaves and dust to enter the inside of the tank, and as the cooling water flows through the water pump to reach the body and the cylinder head, it directly affects heat dissipation and causes the engine to overheat.

4. Do not use water to wet the radiator. When many operators put water in the water tank, first use a bucket of water to pour the water tank cover to lower the temperature, so that the heat sink is wet. When the water is added, the overflow water flows to the radiator. I don’t know that this will only add to the weight. The air passage between the radiators is small, and it is easy to be blocked by debris and dust. After the water is applied, the dust is more likely to stick to the radiator and the air passage area is rapidly reduced or blocked. The heat dissipation effect is reduced, which causes the time for opening the water tank to be shortened, which affects the operation.