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Coating Process in NPK Fertilizer Production Line

  Coating process in npk fertilizer production line is used for preventing fertilizer granules caking and volatilizing.Its coated granules are uniform, round, beautiful appearance and good effect. 
  Coating agent is adhered to the surface of the granule with a powder coating machine or a liquid melting pot. The coating machine is composed of screw conveyor, stirred tank, oil pump and main engine. Powder dusting or liquid coating process can effectively prevent the agglomeration of compound fertilizers. According to the technical requirements, the equipment has been specially designed on the internal structure. The polypropylene inner liner or acid resistant stainless steel is used in the main machine. 
  The equipment is specially designed in the internal structure according to the process requirement, and is a special equipment for compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer, bb fertilzer production of coating process.