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Screening Process of NPK Fertilizer Production Line

  In the screening process of npk fertilizer production line, rotary screener is the common equipment used for the even classification of qualified fertilizer  particles and unqualified fertilizer particles. the finished products are sent into the final packing process, returns materials are sent into the chain crusher, are grinded into the powder for the re-granulation process.  
  The rotary screener machine uses a combined screen, easy maintenance and replacement, its simple structure, convenient operation, stable running,it is the ideal compound fertilizer production equipment
the production capacity is 1-25 tons/h in the secreening process for the production of organic fertilizer and npk fertilizer compound fertilizer.  


  Transmission screening section uses a modular screen, which is transmitted by the transmission wheel through the coupling to the main shaft, the screen is installed and welded on the main shaft of the cage. The material enters feeding port, it is continuously rotated and graded in roller, and the material is uniformly discharged from the discharge port, this machine effectively separates the finished product from back material, thereby improving the working efficiency;