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Common wear and maintenance of compound fertilizer equipment

After purchasing the compound fertilizer equipment, users should also pay attention to the wear and maintenance of the equipment when using, so as to prolong the service life of the large equipment.

Common wear conditions of compound fertilizer equipment:

1. Running in wear: This is the most common normal wear of NPK fertilizer production line. At the beginning of friction between new friction surfaces, the wear rate is faster. To a certain extent, the actual contact area between friction surfaces increases, the unit pressure correspondingly decreases, and the wear rate also decreases.

2. Abrasive wear: wear on a worn surface that is damaged by cutting off hard particles.

3. Adhesive welding wear: when a material on the friction surface is too light, the contact pressure is too large, the lubrication condition is too poor or the temperature is too high.

4. Fatigue wear: it occurs more on the friction surface with rolling friction, which is manifested in the crack surface on the friction surface of the parts, resulting in the metal surface falling off. The main reason is that the contact pressure of the surface material exceeds the compressive ultimate strength due to the compression elastic extension and cold and hot action.

5. Corrosion and wear: the friction surfaces of the equipment are oxidized and deteriorated due to the continuous infiltration of water vapor, chemical gas or oxide and other media. Generally, it is oxidation wear and chemical corrosion wear.

6. Relatively speaking, dust is one of the factors that easily cause the wear of compound fertilizer equipment. In fact, the compound fertilizer equipment will produce certain dust during operation and after discharging. If it is not cleaned and maintained in time, the dust will enter into each connection of the equipment, accumulating day by day. More and more, the friction at the connection of the equipment will be greater, and even cause the accumulation of bacteria, which will cause certain corrosion to the equipment and affect the performance of the equipment. Therefore, we require the staff to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the equipment, especially the important equipment such as fertilizer granulator machine, while using the compound fertilizer equipment.
compound fertilizer equipment
7. During the operation of NPK fertilizer production line, our staff also need to pay attention to the lubrication degree of equipment connection. The long-term use of equipment is a severe test for equipment lubrication. Once there is a jam, the friction of the equipment will increase. Only a high degree of lubrication can provide good power support for the operation of the compound fertilizer equipment, and the staff should develop a good habit of cleaning and maintaining the equipment regularly.

8. In addition, we need to pay special attention to the motor friction, otherwise it will affect the use effect of compound fertilizer equipment, the staff need to pay attention to check the operation of the motor at all times. Especially before the load operation, check the circuit of the motor. If there is any damage, update it immediately to ensure safe operation.

The above is about how to reduce the wear and tear of compound fertilizer equipment in daily use. Tianci fertilizer factory also provides compost turner machine, organic fertilizer equipment. Any questions about these equipment are welcome to consult us.