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Dry granulation machine processing fertilizer granule technology

The dry granulation technology of Tianci factory has the advantages of fast granulation speed and good effect. The filter hole design of dry powder granulator is special, screening is careful, friction filter rod can crush and screen solid particles, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. It can replace the swing granulator and is a new generation of granulator. Dry granulator is not suitable for semi-solid, liquid, paste and other materials.

We produce two types of dry fertilizer granulator machine, one is a double roll extrusion granulator, suitable for NPK fertilizer production line, and the other is a flat die pellet mill, suitable for biological organic fertilizer granulation.

The double roller extrusion granulator can press the wet powder into particles by two pressing rollers, and then separate them into single particles. It can be widely used for grinding powder to make particles. Extrusion granulation does not need heating and humidification, which not only saves investment, but also saves energy. At the same time, NPK fertilizer production line also adapts to the granulation of heat sensitive materials including hydrocarbons and other organic fertilizers. There is no waste water or waste gas discharge in the production process of the double roller pess granulator, which does not pollute the environment. Extrusion granulation equipment is simple in process, convenient in operation, easy to realize automatic production control and improve production efficiency. There are no special requirements for the properties and particle size distribution of raw materials, so raw materials are widely available. As a chemical wet powder granulator, the double roller extrusion granulator has become the preferred equipment for manufacturing particles in ceramics, plastics and other industries.
double roller press granulator

The flat die pellet mill is the main granulator of the biofertilizer project. The moisture content in the material has a great influence on the flat mode pressurization effect. It is found that the moisture content in the mixed material should be controlled between 8% and 10%, and the low moisture content leads to poor adhesion between the materials. The particle surface is rough, the strength is not high, the output is low, and the main engine load is large. If the moisture content is too high, the particles are easy to deform, and the particles will be extruded into clusters, and the whole manufacturing process will be covered in serious cases granular chamber. The production capacity of flat die pellet mill is generally 1.5-5t / h, and the power consumption is 30-75kw. From the perspective of single machine, the unit energy consumption is higher than that of roller press granulator.