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Which type of compost turner machine is more environmentally friendly to choose?

In the production and processing of biofertilizer project, the most important step is fermentation. If the fermentation is not thorough, the organic fertilizer produced will not meet the standard of organic fertilizer at all. The most important equipment for organic fertilizer processing is the organic fertilizer fermentation compost turner machine. When choosing an organic fertilizer turning stacker, you must choose a professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer. A professional organic fertilizer manufacturer will provide customers with the most professional advice on buying organic fertilizer equipment to save you unnecessary investment.
compost turning machine
The working structure of the tank dumper is explained in detail below:
Equipment performance
Organic fertilizer fermentation compost turner machine (groove type turning stacker) is special equipment for processing solid organic waste and achieving aerobic high temperature composting. It is the host of the compost fermentation field. By using this equipment, continuous production can be achieved, so that the compost raw materials can be fully supplemented with oxygen and fermented uniformly, and part of the water can be discharged to achieve the purpose of harmlessness and resource utilization.

1. The milling disc type turning mechanism adopted by the turning machine has a unique turning method and has independent intellectual property rights. Each turn of the stack can ensure that every detail of the material is fully in contact with the air, supplement the oxygen, and discharge moisture. The contact area of the mechanism with the material is small, the maintenance is convenient, the working process is reliable, and the service life is long.
2.The whole machine adopts a large-span bridge structure. There are two series of longitudinal-span bridges and span-bridges. The direction of material movement can be vertical or parallel to the track. The longitudinal span bridge structure makes the material moving direction perpendicular to the track, the equipment span meets the requirements of the fermentation cycle, the length of the track in the fermentation zone can be selected within a certain range according to the processing capacity requirements, and the increase in the length of the track in the fermentation zone can double the yield increase.
3. The equipment adopts orbital operation mode, which makes the fertilizer manufacturing process have good reliability and minimizes energy consumption.
Equipment advantages

Compared with the self-propelled dumping and dumping machine and fermentation method, the organic fertilizer fermentation dumping machine has high output, low energy consumption, small area for dumping and dumping, less equipment investment, thorough material dumping, and fermentation It has many advantages such as reduced water content, stable equipment operation, extremely low failure rate, and fast fertilizer formation, so it is the first choice for organic fertilizer fermentation.