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Chicken manure fermentation to make bio organic fertilizer

Chicken manure fermentation to make bio organic fertilizer is a good method for treating chicken manure. It can prevent chicken manure from polluting the environment and can produce organic fertilizers rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
bio organic fertilizer production
Professional methods must be selected for the biofertilizer project from chicken manure fermentation. Otherwise, it is difficult to produce high-quality fertilizers, or even unqualified organic fertilizers. A large number of germs are not killed, and the phenomenon of seedling burning may occur.

Chicken manure fermentation steps to make organic fertilizer
1. Make a starter. When choosing a starter, be sure to choose a good product, not cheap. After the starter is purchased, it is mixed according to the instructions for use, and the amount of starter used by different manufacturers is different.
2. Adjust the proportion of fertilizer. By adding straw, straw, etc., the carbon-nitrogen ratio of chicken manure is adjusted between 25: 1 and 30: 1, and the PH value is adjusted between 6-8.
3. Adjust the water content of chicken manure. Half of the chicken manure required for organic fertilizer fermentation has a water content of 60% -65%.
4. Chicken manure compost. Stack chicken dung to a height of one and a half meters, two meters wide, and two to four meters long. Don't pile too short.
5. If aerobic starter is used, ventilation should be strengthened to ensure the effect.

Generally, after 48 hours of chicken manure accumulation, the temperature will rise to 50 ~ 60 ℃, and on the third day it can reach above 65 ℃, and it will overturn once at this high temperature. Generally, it will occur 2 to 3 times High temperature above 65 ℃ during the fermentation process, fermentation can be completed by overturning 2 or 3 times by the compost turner machine. Normal fermentation can be completed in about one week, which can completely deodorize materials, ferment and rot, and sterilize and kill insects.

After the chicken manure is fermented, the fertilizer efficiency is better, the use is safer and more convenient, and the fertilizer utilization rate can be improved. Not only chicken manure can ferment organic fertilizer, but also animal manure, straw, deciduous garbage, bark, sawdust, etc. can ferment organic fertilizer, and the fermentation method is basically the same. Later, I would like to remind everyone that no matter what material is used to ferment the organic fertilizer, we must grasp the moisture content, and otherwise it will fail.