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The Correct compost fermentation of Organic Fertilizer Chicken Dung with Poison

 Chicken manure is an organic fertilizer commonly used in vegetable planting. It contains a large amount of organic matter and three essential nutrients, which can improve soil activation and permeability, loose soil compaction, has the characteristics of water retention and long-term fertilizer effect. However, but unripe or substandard chicken manure, it is easy to cause vegetable burn seedling, diseases and insect pests, also easy to cause plant the phenomena of poor growth, which are mainly caused by the following aspects. Organic Fertilizer Chicken Dung with Poison needs correct composting fermentation.


Antibiotics contained in chicken manure are used in large-scale livestock and poultry farming to increase feed utilization and promote animal growth. About 70% of antibiotics cannot be absorbed, and most of them are excreted with fecal urine in the original form of drugs or other metabolites, causing the high content of antibiotics in animal feces. According to the investigation, the typical antibiotics in vegetable soil are mainly quinolones, tetracycline and sulfonamide. Organic fertilizer containing tetracycline inhibited chlorophyll content and root activity of Chinese cabbage, causing the leaves of vegetables will turn yellow and poor growth. after the composting fermentation process the antibiotics was degraded and reached the harmlessness, in this process, the compost turning machine is mainly used for the turning and mixing the organic chicken manure.
   Be Careful of Organic Fertilizer , Chicken Dung May Have "Poison" !   Be Careful of Organic Fertilizer , Chicken Dung May Have "Poison" !   Be Careful of Organic Fertilizer , Chicken Dung May Have "Poison" !

2. heavy metal.

  Heavy metal in chicken manure affects all kinds of feed additives used in intensive raising at present, and the additives usually contain heavy metal elements such as copper, zinc and lead. But the utilization of livestock and poultry for trace elements is usually low, and it is extracted with fecal urine. high heavy metal content has obvious inhibiting effect on vegetable growth. When the concentration of copper, zinc and lead in soil was 50 mg/kg, the elongation of tomato root was inhibited in different degrees. When the concentration of copper and zinc reached 400 mg/kg, the elongation of tomato root no longer grew. When the concentration of lead reached 2000 mg/kg, the elongation of tomato roots was severely inhibited.In addition, lead easily replaces magnesium and zinc, inhibits the enzyme activity related to chlorophyll synthesis, and affects the synthesis of chlorophyll. The chlorophyll content in the leaves decreases, resulting in yellow heart leaves of vegetable and poor growth of seedlings. the heavy metal will be passivated by the microbial in the process of composting fermentation by the organic fertilizer compost turning machine.

3. Caustic soda

Caustic soda is a kind of strong alkali, which is commonly used in breeding industry. It is used to disinfect, rinse chicken excrement, so a good deal of caustic soda was remained in chicken dung, in addition, in order to rapidly ferment chicken manure and make a lot of profits, many illegal personnel add caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) in the chicken manure, and the dangerous bacteria, parasite contain in the chicken will pollute the siol, seriously damage the soil structure, damage the roots of plants, affect the growth of plant, in the decomposed the chicken manure in the composting fermentation by the organic fertilizer compost turning machine, the caustic soda got the neutralization and reached the harmlessness.

In the whole production line of organic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer production line equipment, chicken dung have to be dealed correctly, organic fertilizer uses compost treatment process, after high temperature fermentation with suitbale fermentation compost turning machine, the heavy metal was passivated by the microbial, the caustic soda got the neutralization,the antibiotics was degraded,and can reach the requirements of harmlessness.