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How to Choose Suitable Fertilizer Granulator ?

 With the wide application of organic fertilizers, the use of fertilizer production line becomes more and more important and popular, and in the whole production process of fertilizer, the granulation process is the core part, but how to choose one more suitable granulator according to different raw materials and actural demand, the first step we need to choose the professional manufacturer in granulator machinery. 
 The granulation process improves the wettability, flowability, appearance and bulk density of the powdered raw material. Granules processed by granulator machines are much in demand in shapes and quality, they are used in many areas such as agriculture, gardens, as animal feed, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries etc. The granulation process is very inexpensive and the granules can be produced by combining several different raw materials. The storing and transportation of the granules is very easy and cheap. Our granulator Machines are available in a varied range, to meet every one's choice and budget. We provide eight different types, every tpye has its character and applicatio, we can choose one suitable granulator according to its applications, parameters, and features.
  If u want to choose one granulator with less investment, quick results and good economic returns, the new tpye organic fertilizer granulator no drying process is a best choice, which is a new patented product developed by our company and the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute. It can not only granulate a variety of organic matter, especially for the coarse fiber materials which are difficult to be granulated by conventional equipment, such as crop straw, wine residue, mushroom residue, drug residue, animal dung and so on. and it also can be achieved the better effect of grain making to acid and municipal sludge.
-rotary--How to Choose Suitable Fertilizer Granulator-two-in-one
 The new type two in one organic fertilizer granulator not combines the technology of rotary drum granulator and new type granulator, not only can process the organic fertilizer, but also can used for the  compound fertilizer production line , and the capacity is 200 tons/day. a tractor serves several purposes.
 According to our actural demand,  rotary drum granulator is one of key equipment of compound fertilizer,ogranic fertilizer industry. Applied to cold and hot granulation, high and low concentration compound and mixed fertilizer production on a large scale, it adopts aicd resistant stainless steel board or special plate lining, with high balling rate, low energy consumption, and long service life, easy maintenance.
 The next one worthy recommending is disc granulator, produt is for ball type, grain rate can reach more than 90 percent, suitable for powder materials are processed into circular spherical particles.
  Roller press granulator, is adopting no drying process production, Which integrated granulation, molding , screening into one , with mormal temperature granulation, molding, besides fertilizers, it also suitable for rare earth, metallurgy, coal and so on, with low investment, good benefits, wide range raw materials, is also the promotion of environmental protection projects.
 Falt die granulator, process all kinds of powder materials into cyclindrical particles, also can shape the cyclindrical particles into spherical particles,with power saving, large output, low noise. Widely used in fertilizer, feed, aquaculture, and others.