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Introduction of biological fertilizer and attention on using

First, let’s see a question, what is biological fertilizer?
A type of fertilizer formed by inoculating beneficial microorganisms with an organic substance such as an organic solution or a plant ash as a carrier is biological fertilizer. The main functional ingredient is microbial bacteria. The number of organisms required by the international community is not less than 200 million/g. It cannot itself provide nutrients directly as a fertilizer.

According to the mechanism of action, there are two categories: one is that after the microbial bacteria are applied to the soil, they are multiplied in the soil environment, becoming the dominant strain in the root zone of the crop, increasing the decomposition and release of soil mineral nutrients, and improving the soil nutrient supply capacity. The other is that after the microorganisms are applied to the soil, the microbial flora changes or the secretions affect the environment of the crop root zone, promote the development of crop roots, and improve the ability of crops to absorb and utilize nutrients.

Then,let's see another question,what is bio-organic fertilizer?
A fertilizer made by inoculating beneficial microorganisms on organic fertilizer is called bio-organic fertilizer. It has the characteristics of refined organic fertilizer and biological fertilizer.

Last,what problems should be paid attention to when using bio-fertilizers?
1. Pay attention to the quality of the product. Check the precipitation of liquid fertilizer or the degree of turbidity; whether the carrier particles of solid fertilizer are uniform, whether it is agglomerated; whether the production unit is formal, whether it has a certificate of conformity, etc.
2. Pay attention to the storage environment. Do not expose to direct sunlight, moisture, dryness, etc.
3. Pay attention to use in time. Biological fertilizers have a short shelf life and are not suitable for long-term storage. They can generally be purchased within 2 months before use. If available, they can be used with purchase.
4. Pay attention to reasonable application. According to the characteristics of biological fertilizers and strictly in accordance with the instructions, strict operating procedures must be followed.
5. Pay attention to other medicines and fertilizers. It is preferable to apply the bio fertilizer alone before clarifying the properties of other drugs and fertilizers.
6. Note the continuity of application. When spraying biological fertilizer, the effect is obvious within a few days, and the microbial population declines rapidly. Therefore, it should be replenished in time to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of the effect.

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