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Why should fermented organic fertilizer be used?

We know that the raw materials for organic fertilizer production, such as human and animal excrement and manure, straw waste etc, they can’t be used directly, but why? Here are some reasons.

First, it is fermented by water to produce high temperature, and it is easy to burn roots and burn seedlings. Second, microbes participate in fermentation and a large number of activities, the consumption of oxygen, causing soil hypoxia, will cause the growth of weaker crops to die. Third, the feces produce odor during fermentation, attracting fly maggots, damaging crop growth, and odor can also pollute the environment. Fourth, the feces contain a large amount of uric acid, which is not transformed by decomposing and directly contacted with seedlings, which will inhibit the growth of seedlings. Fifth, no decomposed manure ferments in the soil, competing for the original nitrogen nutrients in the soil, causing instantaneous nitrogen deficiency in the soil microenvironment, affecting seedling growth. Therefore, it is necessary to apply fully decomposed organic fertilizer to ensure good growth and development of the crop.

Organic fertilizers rich in organic matter are mostly delayed in their nutrient forms. Crops cannot be directly absorbed and used. If the no-rotten biological organic fertilizer is applied into the soil, often due to slow decomposition, not only the season fertilizer efficiency is poor, but also breeding weeds and spread germs, eggs, etc. Therefore, in agricultural production, the accumulation method is often adopted before application to make the farm manure into compost. Ripening can also release nutrients from farmyard manure, improve fertilizer efficiency, and avoid some adverse factors to crops when fertilizer ripens in soil. If fight for water, nutrient with seedling or because local place produces high temperature, ammonia concentration is too high, cause to burn seedling to wait. Therefore, only the decomposed biological organic fertilizer can significantly improve the soil properties.

The maturity of organic fertilizers is caused by the activities of microorganisms, which cause the organic fertilizer to change in two aspects. On the one hand, the decomposition of organic matter increases the effective nutrients in the fertilizer; on the other hand, the organic matter in the fertilizer is hardened and soft, and the texture becomes even by non-uniform, and the most of weed seeds and germs, eggs are killed in the decay, thus more in line with the requirements of agriculture and production.

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