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Process flow of large-scale cow manure organic fertilizer production line

The composition of cow dung is similar to that of pig dung, mainly cellulose, hemicellulose, protein and its decomposition products and various inorganic salts. Uncured cow dung urine fertilizer has low efficiency, and fermented and matured can improve fertilizer efficiency. The application of cow dung urine can make the soil loose and easy to cultivate, and the clay has a good effect.
fertilizer machine
What equipment does the cow manure organic fertilizer production line include?

1. Compost turner machine, the function of the machine is to turn over the fermented material evenly, make it fully contact with the air, and disperse a part of the water. It has the role of crushing machine.

2. Forklift feeder, the function of this machine is to store the fermented material and to transfer the material to the next link evenly and quantitatively.

3. A new type of chain grinder, which can crush the fermented material into more than 40 mesh powders, and the moisture content of the material should be controlled below 40%.

4. Double-shaft mixer or single-shaft mixer. Both of these devices can play the role of continuous stirring belt transportation, and can fully stir the materials.

5. Fertilizer granulator machine, the powder fertilizer can be granulated by changing the machine to obtain granular fertilizer.

6. Drum-type screening machine, the function of which is to screen the crushed materials, and the finished materials enter the next step.

7. Buffer silo. The function of the machine is to store the finished organic fertilizer materials. The machine is equipped with an inverter to adjust the speed of the conveyor.

8. Finished product packaging scale. The function of this machine is to quantitatively pack the finished material (20-50 kg). There is a bucket (weigh the bag before the weight, and the bag is directly dropped after the bag). F) Two models, there are bucket scales equipped with automatic folding machine, automatic sewing machine, and automatic thread trimmer, only one person needs to operate. No bucket claim requires 2 people to operate. Double-bucket packing scales with an hourly output of more than 10 tons.