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Attentions on the work flow of the compost turner machine

As important mechanical equipment in the fermentation process of biofertilizer project, the compost turner machine needs to pay more attention in the process of use in order to make better use and bring higher income.

1. Check whether the oil system and smooth system of the compost turner machine are unblocked. If they are not unblocked, they should immediately tell the repair personnel to repair it.

2. Check whether the oil in the tank of the compost turner machine is satisfied. If not, add enough. Check whether the hydraulic system is leaking;

3. Before turning on the stacker, you should carefully check whether each part of the organization is flawless, and the orientation of each transmission handle and gear shift handle is accurate and inaccurate. You should also carefully maintain the machine smoothly according to the requirements.

4. It is necessary for the operating workers to be present together before going to work.

5. Before turning the stacker on, the mechanical energy rolling part should be rolled. Investigate whether the machine is rolling abnormally and tell the repairer to repair it in time.

6. When starting the stacker, turn on the power switch first to energize the machine, and then turn on the electric oil pump and the switches of each motor for trial operation. After the operation of the rail changer is stopped, the operation is performed on the upper rack.

7. During the operation of the compost turner machine, if it is found that the main shaft vibrates, the noise is high, or the high pressure and temperature exceeds 65 ° С, and other abnormal conditions, it should be handled with the mechanics immediately to check the status;

8. Except for repairing and repairing the relevant personnel during the operation of the dumper machinery, other personnel should stop the machine.

9. If there is any problem with the compost turner machine, you should immediately tell the relevant personnel to find out the factors, eliminate the problem, and you must not handle it without authorization. It is forbidden to operate the equipment with disease.

10.When the compost turner machine is shut down after the operation, the fan should be turned off and the drum can be run for 2-3 minutes. Desilting can be performed before stopping the machine. After that, the dumper should be cleaned, ironed and dusted, oiled smoothly, and blocked power supply.