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Troubleshooting method for daily operation of dryer

Dryer is an important machine in organic fertilizer production line and NPK fertilizer production line. In the process of operation, it is inevitable that there will be some problems of this kind. Do not be alarmed when you encounter these problems. As long as you master the know-how, you can solve it yourself.

First, the dried material does not meet the specified moisture requirements: the simple way to solve this situation is to first control the production capacity of the dryer equipment, and then increase or decrease the supplied heat;

Second, the rolling ring swings to the cylinder: This phenomenon occurs because the side of the concave joint of the rolling ring is not tightened. The solution is to tighten it slightly, but it should not be too tight. Too tight may cause accidents. .

Third, the gap between the big gear and the small gear of the dryer is damaged. There are generally three reasons for this:
1. The idler is worn out;
2. The blocking wheel is worn out;
3. The pinion is worn out.
The solution to this situation is to first analyze whether the wear is serious, and replace it if it is serious. If it is not serious, just turn it and install it on the reverse side. If you are afraid of its instability, you can replace new ones it in pairs.

Fourth, the dryer equipment cylinder vibration when in fertilizer manufacturing process: there are generally two reasons for this situation:
1. The place where the supporting device of the equipment is connected to the base is damaged. If this is the case, just correct it and strengthen it;
2. The side of the rolling ring is worn;
The solution to this glitch is based on its wear and tear. If it is not serious, it only needs to be turned. If it is serious, it must be replaced.