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Fermentation process in the production of biological organic fertilizer

Most of the raw materials of biofertilizer project need to be fermented before they can be produced, and the quality of fermentation also affects the quality of fertilizers. Therefore, the fermentation of biological organic fertilizer raw materials is very important. What are the fermentation steps that biological organic fertilizers need to go through before production, and how long is the most suitable fermentation? Let’s follow Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry to find out.
bio organic fertilizer production
Before the production of bio-organic fertilizer equipment, the raw materials need to be processed in 3 processes before they can be produced:

1. Before producing bio-organic fertilizers, we should first screen the raw materials for sieving, crushing, etc. In addition, we need to observe whether the water content of the raw materials can be used for normal production. If the water content of the raw materials is greater than the production requirements, we must find a way to dry them. If the moisture content of the raw material is less than the production requirements, find ways to increase the moisture content of the raw material.

2. When we choose the fermentation time of the raw materials, we should fully consider the characteristics of the production raw materials to determine the length of the fermentation cycle. The fermentation cycle of the general raw materials will be about 15-20 days. The fermentation process is generally divided into two parts, one part refers to the process of raw material fermentation at medium temperature, and the other part refers to the metabolic fermentation process of raw material at high temperature. The purpose of fermentation in these two parts is different; the former is the initial fermentation of raw materials. The latter is a more professional treatment of raw materials in terms of temperature and decomposition. The total length of fermentation is generally around 15-20 days. We can use the compost turner machine to flip it, speed up the fermentation process and shorten the fermentation time.

3. After the raw materials are fermented, the impurities generated during the fermentation process must be processed. If necessary, some large raw materials need to be crushed. After these preliminary tasks are prepared, we can carry out the later production granulation process.
After processing the finished bio-organic fertilizer product, it can be bagged and stored. If you want to know more details about the production of bio-organic fertilizer, please contact us.