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Detailed process flow of organic fertilizer production and raw materials for production

With the gradual development of the organic fertilizer replacement fertilizer policy, the organic fertilizer production and use industry has ushered in the spring of development, and today we will talk to you about the organic fertilizer production process.


Detailed process flow for organic fertilizer production:
1. Livestock and poultry manure centralized treatment farms or organic fertilizer production enterprises will use special vehicles to regularly recover livestock and poultry manure from various farms to avoid secondary pollution on the road surface and directly return the recovered livestock and poultry manure into the fermentation zone.

2. After one fermentation and two times of aging. First, the odor of livestock and poultry manure is eliminated. In a single fermentation, straw, plant leaves, weed powder and other plant stems should be added in proportion. At the same time, the organic fertilizer starter should be added to decompose the crude fiber, so that the particle size after pulverization meets the particle size requirements of the granulation production.

3. The fermentation material that completes the second aging stacking process is pulverized and enters the mixing and stirring system. Before mixing and mixing, according to the formula, N, P, K and some other trace elements are added to the mixing and stirring system to start stirring.

4. The mixed material is transported, such as a disc granulation system, and the granules enter the cooling system after passing through the dryer, and the materials are sieved after being cooled to normal temperature. The granules that meet the requirements enter the wrapping machine and then begin to be packaged. The particles that do not meet the requirements are crushed by the pulverizer and returned to the fertilizer granulator machine to continue granulation.

5. After several procedures, livestock and poultry manure became the main raw material of organic fertilizer and entered the sales market for direct sales.

Organic fertilizer production main raw material selection:
Livestock manure: chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, sheep dung, rabbit dung, etc.
Crop straw: Crop straw is one of the important fertilizer varieties. The nutrients necessary for crop straw to contain crops are N, P, K, Ca, s and so on.
Domestic garbage: leftovers, leftovers, rice water, discarded fruits and vegetables, expired dairy products, expired food, etc.
Cake fertilizer raw materials: rapeseed cake, cottonseed cake, bean cake, sesame cake, castor cake, tea seed cake and so on.
Mud raw materials: uncontaminated river mud, pond mud, ditch mud, port mud, lake mud, etc.
For example, the raw material is humic acid or peat, and there is no fermentation in the organic fertilizer production process, and it is not necessary to ferment, and the remaining steps are the same as above.