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Development direction of agricultural fertilizer granulation machine

With the increasing competition of global technology and economy, as well as the further strengthening of people's awareness of using resources, improving product quality and strengthening environmental protection, the technical requirements of fertilizer production line are becoming higher and higher. Fertilizer granulation is not only the core of fertilizer processing, but also the key to determine the shape and efficiency of fertilizer. Organic fertilizer granulator is developing towards large-scale equipment, diversified functions, high-efficiency production and automatic control system.

1. Large scale equipment

With the progress and development of science and technology, the advantages of large-scale production equipment are more and more obvious. At the same time, the application of computer technology and accurate stress analysis technology promotes the development of mechanical structure design and manufacturing technology, and provides a solid technical guarantee for the large-scale granulation equipment.

2. Compact structure

The structure design of the equipment is reasonable and compact. While ensuring the quality, we try our best to reduce the manufacturing cost of NPK fertilizer granulator, reduce the floor area and improve the efficiency.

3. Diversified functions

The powder treatment project is a multi unit operation system project. The selection of granulation equipment can reduce the intermediate process and save investment. It is required that the functions of powder granulation equipment should be diversified.
agricultural fertilizer granulation machine

4. Production efficiency

The fertilizer granulator we designed not only meets the needs of organic fertilizer, but also saves energy, is durable, has low maintenance and repair costs, and reduces product costs. The optimization of power equipment and driving methods can save energy to a certain extent. The adoption of these technologies indicates that high efficiency has become one of the goals pursued by the design of fertilizer granulation machines.

5. Control system automation

The automatic control can ensure the flow operation of the fertilizer production line and reduce the labor intensity of the operator. It is important to ensure the accuracy and real-time feedback of the production process, improve product quality, and reduce equipment failure rates.