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Selection of equipment for organic fertilizer production line

With the increasing attention of environmental protection agriculture, organic fertilizer market has entered a period of rapid development, organic fertilizer production line has become an investment project. However, there are many organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers, how to choose the appropriate organic fertilizer production line has become the first problem encountered by investors. 
Since most of the enterprises producing organic fertilizer are not traditional compound fertilizer production enterprises, but have organic resources, there are no enterprises engaged in fertilizer production before, such as sugar factories, sewage treatment plants, breeding farms, waste treatment plants, food processing plants, slaughterhouses, etc., or newly established production plants attached to these enterprises.
The production process of organic fertilizer and inorganic compound fertilizer in the early stage is completely different. The selection of organic fertilizer production equipment will directly affect the production cost and product quality of organic fertilizer, as well as the size of production site.

Equipment composition of organic fertilizer production line

Generally speaking, the key equipment for organic fertilizer production is: first, the treatment equipment before fermentation, mainly crushing and mixing equipment; second, the stacking equipment used in fermentation; third, the deep processing equipment after fermentation, mainly NPK fertilizer granulator.
organic fertilizer production line equipment

Organic fertilizer production and treatment

1. The good or bad of raw material treatment in the early stage will directly affect the subsequent production. For different materials to be crushed, there are a variety of pulverizers. For example, the materials that are easy to agglomerate, long fiber, wood, etc., need different mills.

2. In terms of fermentation technology, most of the organic fertilizer production lines are equipped with tank type composting turner machine, which makes it convenient to process materials and has strong production line capacity. Of course, the small-scale organic fertilizer production process can choose the strip pile fermentation.

3. The deep processing stage after fermentation is similar to the compound fertilizer production line. This part is mainly for the production of granulation, the most important equipment is the granulator. What kind of granulator to choose depends on what kind of products are produced and what materials are added to the raw materials. We have special organic fertilizer granulators and compound fertilizer granulators, which correspond to different production materials, so when choosing organic fertilizer production equipment, more investigation and comparison are needed.