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Drum dryer solves the drying problem of fertilizer production - Tianci

Rotary drum dryers are professionally used in the manufacturing of NPK fertilizer and organic fertilizer processing. The dried and cooled fertilizers are suitable for storage and transportation, and will not deteriorate due to excessive humidity.

Working process of dryer

The fertilizer to be dried enters into the receiving tank of the drum dryer from the high-level tank. The material is attached to the surface of the drum by the film distributing device. There is a heating medium in the drum, and the material is heat transferred by the simple wall during the rotation of the drum to make it vaporized. In one rotation cycle, the rolling cylinder completes the process of film distribution, vaporization and dehydration. The dried materials are scraped off by a scraper and sent to the finished product storage tank by a conveyor, and finally crushed or directly packed. The water evaporated in heat transfer can be introduced into the corresponding treatment device for dust capture or emission according to its nature.
Drum dryer solves the drying problem of fertilizer production

When the dryer can meet the output of organic fertilizer production line, the drying effect is not good, most of the internal structure is unreasonable, or the cylinder length is not enough. Although these are not big problems, they affect the interests of users to a great extent. The solution is to reasonably adjust the internal lifting plate and length according to the material demand. The lifting plate can increase the contact area between the diffusion material and hot gas, and the increase of cylinder length can prolong the drying time.