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How much area does an organic fertilizer production line equipment need?


Requirements of organic fertilizer production site

The small organic fertilizer production line covers an area according to the equipment configuration. The simple organic fertilizer production line occupies a small area, while the large fertilizer production line with complete equipment covers a large area. The simplest fertility equipment configuration covers an area of about 100 square meters, and the smallest fermentation site also needs 100 square meters. The entire plant area also includes warehouses and expected warehouses, which should be included before site planning.
It is suggested that when you choose the plant area, you should try to choose the larger one instead of the smaller one. If the production scale is larger in the later stage, you only need to add other equipment. If the site selected is small and only suitable for the current use, you will have to choose a new site once the scale is expanded in the later stage.
organic fertilizer production line equipment

We produce complete sets of organic fertilizer equipment. We plan NPK fertilizer manufacturing process and organic fertilizer production line for customers free, and design different production processes. In addition, we can configure different production equipment and processes according to different scales and different raw materials (such as livestock manure, straw, mushroom residue, etc.).