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How to choose a dust collector when configuring an organic fertilizer production line?

 The dust collector is a dust removal device that separates the dust generated in industrial production from the flue gas. When used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, it is generally arranged in the drying section after the granulation of the organic fertilizer production line. Then, how to choose the dust collector when configuring the organic fertilizer production line?


The dust collector is arranged in the organic fertilizer production line, mainly collecting dust to reduce dust discharge and meet environmental protection requirements. Therefore, the choice of the precipitator should understand the following four points:
1.Know the bulk density or bulk specific gravity of the dust, that is, the dust content per unit volume. The unit volume between them includes the volume of the dust particles themselves, the micropores of the dust particles themselves adsorbed by the dust particles, the air volume, and the open space between the dust particles.

2. to know the chemical and physical properties of dusty gases, such as moisture content, temperature, chemical composition and properties. The determination of these parameters is directly related to the dust removal additional disposal method and the selection of the filtration wind speed.

3. to know the particle size of the dust. The particle size of dust is its base characteristic. It is a composition composed of particles of different particle sizes. It is not acceptable to simply characterize such aggregates with uniform particle size.

4.Know the viscosity of the dust. Viscosity is a property that attracts between dust or between the dust and the surface molecules of the object.

The performance of the precipitator is expressed by the amount of gas that can be treated, the resistance loss when the gas passes through the precipitator, and the efficiency of dust removal. At the same time, the price, operating and maintenance costs of the precipitator, the length of service life and the difficulty of operation management are also important factors in considering its performance.

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