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Introduction of fertilizer packaging system

 Fertilizer automatic packaging machine is suitable for packaging granular, low viscosity fertilizer, whether it is in organic fertilizer manufacturing process or compound fertilizer production, packaging machine is the final product collection packaging machine, is also a very important machine in fertilizer manufacturing process.
packing machine
Principle of automatic packing scale
Automatic packaging into automatic running state, when the controller receives the startup information, folder bag institutions rapid response, clamping material bags, delay for a period of time, the controller at the same time open the fast charging valve, material into the bag, when the bag of weight reaches the fast charging set point set, feeding speed to slow loading, the loading speed slow, to ensure the accuracy of weighing, when material weight to slow feeding value, close the slow charging valve and make a little delay, for the air material to material bags, and open folder bag institutions, complete the dynamic weighing process. The set value of fast and slow feeding can be set by the user according to the fluidity and density of the material and the user's experience.

Type of automatic packaging machine
Automatic granule packing scale, suitable for quantitative weighing and packing of granule materials. Such as corn, feed particles, steel ball and so on
Automatic powder packing scale, suitable for quantitative weighing and packing of powder and powder material. Such as flour, fertilizer, washing powder and so on
Special automatic packing scale (packing irregular materials), suitable for quantitative weighing packing of sheet, strip, block, oval, flat or other irregular materials. Such as flake alkali, flake magnesium chloride, wood particles, coal cake.

Main features of automatic packaging machine:
High precision: choose high precision weighing controller, good stability.
Good integrity: small floor area, flexible and convenient installation.
Speed adjustable: the feeding mode of powder equipment is screw feeding. Fast feeding and slow feeding can be realized through the controller. The feeding speed can be set arbitrarily.
Environmental protection operation: close the internal circulation system, effectively prevent dust from flying, improve the working environment, and protect the health of operators.
Reasonable structure: compact structure, compact volume, according to user requirements for the production of fixed or mobile body.