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Core equipment of aerobic fermentation of pig manure-organic fertilizer turning machine

Pig farms are large in scale and produce more pig manure every day. The handling of pig manure is also a headache. The odor of pig manure pollutes the air, and the breeding of mosquitoes and flies causes problems to the environment, humans and animals. Through aerobic fermentation, the organic fertilizer production line can solve this problem by turning pig manure into organic fertilizer. The fermentation compost turning machine is the core equipment of aerobic fermentation. So what is the fermentation process of pig manure?

Preparation of fermentation materials

Pig manure, auxiliary materials (rice bran, broken straw, mushroom residue, etc.) and fermentation agent were mixed in a certain proportion. This step can adjust C / N ratio (C / N is about 25%) and water content (water content is 50% - 60%).

Fermentation process control

Put the mixed raw materials into the fermentation tank. In the process of fermentation, it is necessary to regularly turn over the raw materials through the pig manure fermentation organic manure tipper. The oxygen content of the materials can be increased through the compost turner, so as to speed up the fermentation process.
Fermentation compost turning machine can achieve the following effects:
1. Through the organic fertilizer turning machine, the air permeability of the material can be improved and the oxygen content of the material can be increased.
2. The compost turning machine is equipped with turning and throwing teeth, which can further crush the material during the turning and throwing process.
3. Each time the pig manure is thrown, the material can be moved back 4-5 meters, and new material can be put into the empty space to make the fermentation continue.
aerobic fermentation of pig manure-organic fertilizer turning machine

Finished fermentation

The entire fermentation process takes 8-15 days, and the temperature of the fully fermented and decomposed materials begins to drop to room temperature without any peculiar smell. It has a dark brown appearance and can be safely applied to farmland. We provide a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment, NPK fertilizer manufacturing process, fertilizer production machinery. The organic fertilizer production line can further process the decomposed compost.