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Research before purchasing fertilizer granule making machine

Granule making machine is the key part of NPK fertilizer manufacturing process. Sometimes, in order to save costs, some enterprises often just choose the granulation equipment suitable for production. Granulator is a machine which granulates animal manure, straw, wood and other materials into solid particles. So today, granulators are used not only in industry, but also in chemistry and agriculture.

According to our research on NPK fertilizer granulator in the market, pelletizing equipment includes organic fertilizer granulator, disc pelletizer, rotary drum granulator, pulverized coal granulator, etc. Do your homework before buying the right granulator. In fact, when choosing a granulator, consideration should be given to the raw material, moisture content of the material, shape and size of the particles and other issues.

In chemical fertilizer industry, granulating machine can be divided into two parts: Organic fertilizer granulator and compound pellet granulator. By studying many fertilizer granulators on the market, most of them are as follows:
Organic fertilizer granule making machine: new type organic fertilizer granulator, double die extrusion pelleting machine, flat die pellet mill.
Compound fertilizer granule making machine: disc granulator, flat die pellet mill, rotary drum granulator.
Disc granulator is widely used in organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and organic-inorganic fertilizer granulation.
Features of disc granulator:
1. The pan adopts an arc structure, and the output of compound fertilizer can reach 93%.
2. The raw material size of the disc granulator does not exceed 50 mm.
3. The fertilizer granulator has simple structure and convenient adjustment.

When inspecting manufacturers on the spot, we must not only look at the equipment, but also the after-sales service. No matter how good things are, there are inevitable problems. This requires the manufacturer's technical support and after-sales service. Users can choose suitable fertilizer production equipment and suitable granulator models according to the output of their own factories.