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The reason for the fertilizer caking

1.First of all, from the raw materials analysis, the mainly is that the raw material is easy to dissolve.
Generally speaking, the main raw materials for compound fertilizer production are urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, diammonium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate and so on. Compound (mixed) fertilizers made from these readily soluble fertilizers are easy to caking during storage and transporation.
2.Other factors affecting caking of fertilizer
1)High moisture content of fertilizer
The moisture content of fertilizer is the biggest factor in the storage process of fertilizer caking, the higher of the moisture content, the easier of the fertilizer particles of salt dissolution, it is more easy to produce physical and chemical reaction, after recrystallization it is easy to form agglomerate, repeated dissolution crystallization process will lead to serious caking.
2)The particle size of the product is uneven and the compressive strength of the particle is low
The particle size of the fertilizer is small or uneven, the gap between the particles is small, large than the surface area, and the contact area between particles is more, so it is easy to caking.
3) The pressure between fertilizers during stacking
When fertilizer storage, the particles are closely contacted with each other under the action of gravity, and it is easy to deform, the higher the stacking height is, the greater the pressure of the fertilizer is, the greater of contact point between particles increase, the easier to caking.
4) Long storage time
The longer the storage time of the fertilizer products, the more times of recrystallization dissolution process on the surface of fertilizer particles, and the caking tendency is obvious under the condition of long time under certain pressure.
5)High packing temperature
High packing temperature, finished product cooling is not sufficient, the internal moisture products can not fully release, plus at high temperature, the corresponding salt solubility, during storage, with the decrease of temperature, the solubility of salt reduction, supersaturated precipitation crystallization, produce crystal bridge, leading to caking.
6)There is a large amount of fertilizer powder in packing
The process of particle fertilizer cooling and packaging of dust particles will produce a certain amount of friction, exist among the particles of dust, plays a role of “bridge” between the contact area of the fertilizer particles increase, will cause compaction.
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