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Fertilizer common sense(two)

Q:What is the soil testing and formulated fertilization?  
A:Soil testing: Test soil nutrient content;
Formula: according to the law of crop fertilizer, soil fertility and utilization rate of fertilizer,Put forward scientific fertilization measures (ratio, dosage, period and method)

Q:Can nitrate nitrogen be used on rice? Can not.
A:Nitric nitrogen easily leaching. 

Q:What are the physiological acid fertilizers?
A:Ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride etc.They are should be used in the northern alkaline soil. 

Q:Features of Granulating Production Line:
A:1. The spiral section design of the mixing section is reasonable and unique, stirring is even, and the material entering and discharging is rapid
    2. Computer automatic batching/mixing/packaging in one, it uses the twist cage feeding method, and it has the small footprint, less labor and reduce the investment.
    3. The entire equipment is made of the stainless steel, it has the corrosion resistance, and the long service life.
    4.Here are images of applicable Granulating Production Line:
Fertilizer Mixer-Vertical Roller Press Granulators Rotary Screener

Q:What is chemical acid fertilizers?
A:Superphosphate,it should be used in the northern alkaline soil.

Q:What are chemical alkaline fertilizers?
A:Magnesium phosphate fertilizer, ash.
First of all, they can not be mixed with farmyard manure and ammonium nitrogen fertilizer, straw ash as cover fertilizer.

Q:Does the urea can be watered immediately? 
A:No,Urea is easily lost.
Do not water immediately after fertilization, in the summer it can be converted to ammonium bicarbonate through 2-3 days, and then water better.

Q:Can ammonium bicarbonate be applied to the soil surface?
A:No,it should cover the soil. Because apply ammonium bicarbonate on the soil surface,the most of nutrients will volatile to the air, the utilization rate is very low. 

Q:How to improve the utilization of phosphate fertilizer?
A: 1, mixed with organic fertilizer.
2, Concentrately apply it as base fertilizer.
3, give priority to winter crops and leguminous crops;
4, Applicate it match with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
5, sandy soil, dryland priority application;
6, Rational utilization of phosphate fertilizer after effect.

Q:Can urea be absorbed by the roots of crop?
A:When urea is converted to ammonium nitrogen, it can be absorbed by crops. 

Q:Why is the application of potassium sulfate compound fertilizer easy to cause soil consolidation?    
A:The main reason is the formation of CaSO4 (gypsum).