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Fertilizer production lines are constantly promoted around the world

In recent years, with the rapid development of all walks of life, the progress of science and technology plays an important role in the rapid development of all industries. As a large agricultural country, China has always attached great importance to the development of agriculture, and has always recommended the development of science and technology. At that time, the agricultural production has been closely connected with the innovation of science and technology. The equipment of fertilizer production line is an embodiment of the development of science and technology. To develop modern sustainable agricultural production, fertilizer equipment is indispensable.

China's fertilizer equipment industry is developing rapidly. As a leading fertilizer equipment enterprise in China, Tianci equipment manufacturer has delivered many NPK fertilizer production line, BB fertilizer production line and organic fertilizer production equipment to foreign countries for many years.

In the history of agricultural development, the earliest fertilizer is the manure of livestock, which requires pure human labor. After the reform and opening up, fertilizer plants have developed rapidly. In this period of time, various fertilizers are the mainstream of the rural market, but its disadvantages are also highlighted with the passage of time, and the role and advantages of organic fertilizer have not been deeply rooted in the people's mind. To popularize fertilizer equipment, we should first do well in the ideological work of our customers and farmers from the source, and reverse our thinking. When using fertilizer granulator machine to promote organic fertilizer granule products in fertilizer factory, we can explain some knowledge of organic fertilizer to farmers. In this way, the two complement each other and better promote the development of production equipment and organic fertilizer.
Fertilizer production line equipment

The promotion of equipment also needs the support of the government. The publicity effect of the government is 100 times stronger than that of the manufacturers, because it represents authority and trust. Just as the fertilizer compound fertilizer just entered the market, the government vigorously publicized, but under the control of the market economy, more freedom and power were given to the enterprises, but the government's appeal and macro-control role are irreplaceable. So now most of the organic fertilizer manufacturers have the national policy subsidies when they are producing, which is also a kind of protection and promotion of the national organic fertilizer production line equipment. For example, many countries in Africa still need to import a large number of fertilizers, which are suitable for fertilizer enterprises to enter the market. I believe that in the future, the fertilizer manufacturing process and production equipment will also have better development.