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Chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment solves the rational utilization of resources


Reasonable utilization of waste resources

If the excrement of livestock and crop straw are not fully and reasonably utilized, resources will be wasted, which will cause pollution and threat to people's living environment. Through the transformation of chicken manure organic fertilizer production equipment into bio organic fertilizer, the fertilizer granulator can also process organic fertilizer into solid particles and improve the product value. Organic fertilizer equipment can not only make rational use of resources, but also reduce environmental pollution, beautify the environment, promote agricultural economic development, with good economic and social benefits.
Chicken manure utilization and compost turner

Chicken manure organic fertilizer processing

No matter the scale of the chicken manure organic fertilizer production line, according to the different requirements of the existing raw materials and finished products, the overall process is divided into two stages, namely, the early fermentation stage and the production granulation stage. In the fermentation stage, compost dumper is needed to compost turner to make them mature rapidly on a large scale. No matter it is the production of powdery or granular chicken manure organic fertilizer, each process is indispensable. If due to the limitation of funds, traditional fermentation mode can be adopted. But since it is a bio organic fertilizer production project, of course, it is impossible to be the same as the traditional production mode, if only one or two processes use the traditional mode.

When processing manure with organic manure equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the quality of organic manure is qualified. Once there is a mistake in one step, it will lead to the quality problem of organic manure. The equipment that can be selected for organic fertilizer granulation includes rotary drum granulator, flat die pellet mill, organic fertilizer granulator, etc., which is determined according to the raw materials and output.

In the production process of chicken manure organic fertilizer, the control of water is the key factor. Too dry makes it difficult for organic fertilizer to play a role in actual production, prolonging the action time, and too wet is not conducive to the preservation and use. At the same time, the water index and drying degree affect the survival period of bacteria. In the bio organic fertilizer project, the chicken manure organic fertilizer dryer is an indispensable equipment in this important link.