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Flat die granulator and ring die granulator used in fertilizer production

Organic fertilizer contains a large amount of nutrients required by plant growing, and the supply of nutrients to plants is relatively smooth and long-lasting, and has a long aftereffect. Organic fertilizers also contain a variety of trace elements. Since all kinds of nutrients in organic fertilizers are relatively complete, and these substances are completely non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting natural substances, this provides a necessary condition for the production of high-yield, high-quality, pollution-free green food. therefore,the factory should pay much attention on the process of the production.

The organic fertilizer flat die granulator and ring die granulator are commonly use in the organic fertilizer production line. They have some similarities and differences in structure and functions.

About the flat die granulator, there is one flat die inside, when working ,the materials will be extruded through the die, and the cutter will cut the pellet into requirement length, the diameter of the pellets also can be adjusted. the temperature rise in the production is low, so that can keep the nutrients in the raw materials, this is good to the plant.

About the ring die granulator, there are two dies inside, so it’s also called double dies granulator. this is the structure difference compared to flat die granulator. the working principle is similar with that of flat die granulator,the pellets diameter and length can be adjust too.
The pellets from both of them are cylindrical form.some customers choose this type,but some choose round type, they will rework the pellets with the polishing machine to make them round.the function of it is to reshape the final granule, After polished ,the finished particles are uniform and smooth. It also can work with new organic fertilizer granulator besides the flat die granulator and ring die granulator. This machine can be chosen two or three level discs and different diameters when working according to the different capacity.