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Our two kinds of packing machine used for fertilizer packing

Packing is last part of the organic fertilizer production line and NPK fertilizer production line.for there are powdery fertilizer and granular fertilizer, we produce packing machine for both of the two kinds,also,the normal unit bag is 25-50kg,but some customers like to pack one ton per bag,so viewing of this situation, we also produce the packing machine for tons bag.

The powder/granular fertilizer packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of organic and inorganic compound fertilizer granular materials, powder materials and mixed materials.

Functional characteristics of packaging scale:
1. It is a combination of feeding, weighing, clamping, conveying and sewing. It is suitable for woven bags, sacks, paper bags, cloth bags and plastic bags.
2. Material: the material contact parts are stainless steel, with the high corrosion resistance. It adopts pneumatic actuator, stable operation and simple maintenance.
3. It adopts high speed sampling and processing instrument and digital frequency conversion technology, automatically set control parameters and automatic correction of drop. Adapt to the characteristics of different packaging materials, can continuous operation, fast packaging, high precision, simple and flexible operation.

The ton bag fertilizer packaging machine is also called the big bag packing machine and the ton bag packer. It is a new generation intelligent packaging machine developed by our company. The machine is mainly composed of four parts, automatic weighing device, conveying device, sewing device, computer control and so on. It is a kind of bulk packing equipment with unique structure and large packing capacity. It is a multi-purpose packaging machine, which integrates weight display, automatic bag removal, dust removal and fault alarm. It has the characteristics of high measuring accuracy, large packaging capacity, high automation, large production capacity, wide application scope and simple operation.

The equipment is designed for fertilizer, cement, non-metallic mineral powder, chemical raw materials and granular materials, and is widely used in fertilizer, building materials, chemical industry, grain, feed, mineral and other industries.