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Causes and solution of flatulence in NPK fertilizer production line

The problem of flatulence is caused by the reaction of two or more materials and the release of gas. In the fertilizer manufacturing process, the following types can be produced: borax, ammonium salts, fillers and impurities. Borax is due to its production process. The inside contains a small amount of carbonate, so it is easy to release carbon dioxide gas and generate flatulence when encountering acidic materials. If borax encounters zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate or other acidic materials, it will produce flatulence. At the same time, there will be agglomeration problems, so in the fertilizer manufacturing process, it is necessary to prevent these materials from being put together.


Ammonium salt generally encounters alkaline materials or high temperature, and will release ammonia gas and flatulence. Therefore, when storing ammonium salt compound fertilizer, avoid mixing with alkaline materials. In addition, ammonium salt fertilizer equipment should be avoided during production and transportation. Fillers, generally natural mineral products, such as hydrogenated calcium carbonate, kaolin, etc. These minerals contain more or less carbonates. When exposed to acidic substances, they will slowly release carbon dioxide gas and cause flatulence. Whenever possible, choose inert fillers such as silica, talc, starch sugar, etc. Impurities are usually brought in by the raw materials we produce, and mixed with our fertilizers to release gas, so when purchasing raw materials, Choose good quality, the raw materials produced by regular manufacturers, most of them will not contain too many impurities, naturally will not release gas. In the process of compound fertilizer production equipment, we often encounter bottled liquid will also flatulence, which is in addition to our front there are several reasons for this. Some bottle manufacturers increase the hardness and weight of the bottles in order to reduce the cost. When adding bottles, the carbonate raw materials are added to the bottle raw materials. Fertilizer and most are slightly acidic liquids, to meet both of the released carbon dioxide gas, flatulence.

Therefore, in order to prevent flatulence in the NPK fertilizer production line, we should pay attention to the following problems: a. reasonably match raw materials, chemical reaction between raw materials and raw materials, please consult our technicians. b. Purchase qualified raw materials, cannot blindly pursue low cost Buying unqualified products is easy to swell. c. Do small experiments, that is, the raw materials will be produced, sealed in plastic bags according to the ratio, and placed at room temperature for 3-7 days. If the bags are not up, then scale production will be carried out.