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How can organic fertilizer turner machine simply produce organic manure from chicken manure?

Chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the raw materials used include: dry chicken manure 45-50%, fermentation bacteria, cake fertilizer, mud fertilizer, sterilization and deodorant. Biological fermentation and ordinary fermentation are used to produce chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer. The product obtained by the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is a kind of chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer. After application, it can greatly increase the production of food, economy, vegetables, fruits and other crops, improve the quality of agricultural products, and improve crop properties. Environmentally safe and non-toxic, it is a new type of environmentally friendly fertilizer.

The characteristics of chicken manure organic fertilizer are as follows:

organic manure turner machine produce organic manure from chicken manure
1、 Chicken manure contains a lot of organic matter because of its short digestive tract. Chicken manure is used as organic fertilizer, which has good fertilizer utilization rate and high nutritional value.

2. In the process of chicken manure fermentation, adding straw and other carbon materials, and using the compost turning machine to process the materials, not only improves the air permeability of organic fertilizer, but also increases the content of C, which is great for crop production and carbon cycle. s help.

3. The temperature rises rapidly during the fermentation process of chicken manure compost to reach the nutrient level of organic fertilizer without adding fungicides and nutrients.