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Organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers guide to remove fertilizer moisture

One of the important storage methods of organic fertilizer is that the storage place must be dry to avoid caking caused by high moisture and humidity. So the use of organic fertilizer granulator equipment processing out of chicken manure moisture, how to do? Let's see how to deal with it.

(1) Organic fertilizer dryer: that is to say, we often use organic fertilizer dryer to dry. It uses heat energy to heat materials and gasify moisture in materials. To remove the moisture in the material needs to consume a certain amount of heat energy. Usually, air is used to dry the material. The air is heated in advance and sent to the dryer to transfer the heat to the material. The moisture in the material is gasified to form water vapor, which is carried out of the dryer with the air. The rotary drum granulator granulates the fertilizer, and the material is heated and dried to remove the combined moisture in the material, so as to achieve the required moisture content of the product or raw material.
fertilizer production line

(2) Solid-liquid separator: The mechanical dehydration method squeezes out part of the water by pressurizing the material. Commonly used methods include pressing, sedimentation, filtration, and centrifugal separation. The mechanical dehydration method can only remove part of the free moisture in the material, and the combined moisture remains in the material. Therefore, the moisture content of the material after mechanical dehydration is still high, generally 40-60%. However, mechanical dehydration is an economical method.

(3) Hygroscopic agent: It uses hygroscopic agent to remove a small amount of moisture in gas, liquid and solid materials. Due to the limited dehumidification capacity of hygroscopic agent, it is only used to remove trace moisture in materials. Therefore, it is less used in fertilizer production line.