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How much is the annual output of 2000-10000 tons of organic fertilizer equipment

Now more and more investors have entered the organic fertilizer industry, but many users only have a simple understanding of the organic fertilizer industry and have no actual production. Therefore, there are still many problems in the process of investment.

So how much is the full set of organic fertilizer equipment? How to determine it? In fact, customers will find a lot of opinions about how much, because each customer's situation is different, and there is no standard conclusion. For example, the annual output and production process of customer A and customer B are basically the same, but the raw material of customer A is dry chicken manure, and the raw material of customer B is wet chicken manure, then customer B must purchase a solid-liquid separator, and customer A does not. Then the price difference comes out. Therefore, the input of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process should be determined according to the actual situation.

A complete organic fertilizer manufacturing process includes machines: compost turning machine, crusher, fertilizer granulator, dryer, screening machine, automatic packaging machine, which are usually necessary for a complete organic fertilizer production line. In fact, there are different types and specifications of these equipment, such as fertilizer granulator, disc granulator, flat die pellet mill and new organic fertilizer granulator, and so are other fertilizer equipment. Of course, different specifications of machines, the price is different, so everything depends on the actual production needs of customers.
annual output of 2000-10000 tons of organic fertilizer equipment

In summary, the annual output of 2000 tons to 10000 tons of organic fertilizer complete set of equipment how much? Specific still depends on the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. No matter it is manufacturing of NPK fertilizer, or livestock manure production of organic fertilizer project, welcome online consultation, can also come to the factory test machine at any time, we welcome your arrival at any time.