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How To Apply NPK Compound Fertilizer?

    Advantages of compound fertilizer: high effective composition, more kinds of nutrients; Less minor components, little bad effect on soil; Low production cost; Good physical properties. While how to apply npk compound fertilizer, here are three points.

1.  It is to be targeted to apply the npk compound fertilizer, like the vegetables, because of its fast growth, high nitrogen demand, low phosphorus demand, it is necessary to choose high nitrogen, low phosphorus compound fertilizer to use, and fruits and vegetables, in the fruit period of the demand for potassium more, less demand for phosphorus, can choose high potassium low phosphorus compound fertilizer application. For those who are now preparing for the next vegetable seedling cultivation, because of the large demand for phosphorus in the seedling stage, the compound fertilizer with high phosphorus content can be selected as the base fertilizer, and some compound fertilizer with high phosphorus content can be applied appropriately after transplanting slow seedling.

2.   Less application, more frequency of npk compound fertilizer.
     Nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen in the compound fertilizer can absorb part of the heat in the process of dissolving, could affect the ground temperature, influence the growth of crop root, but the normal growth of crop, still need nutrient supply, so the application of compound fertilizer in winter, less application, more frequency, as far as possible on the weather sunny morning.

3.  Applied with pure biological fertilizer together, Pure biological fertilizer contains a variety of beneficial bacteria, can activate and improve the soil, play a role in nitrogen fixation, phosphorus, potassium release, these biological bacteria can enhance the absorption and utilization of crops to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in compound fertilizer, so that the effect of compound fertilizer to get full play.