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The Categories Properties And Application Of NPK Compound Fertilizer (One)

 The Categories Properties And Application Of Ammonium phosphate,Ammoniated calcium superphosphate compound fertilizer.
1.Ammonium phosphate
  Ammonium phosphate, it is made of ammonia and phosphoric acid, due to the different degree of ammonia, can be generated respectively monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate and triammonium phosphate. Containing N14%-18%, P2O5 46%-50%, pure ammonium phosphate is gray, because of impurity, it is dark gray. Ammonium phosphate is soluble in water and has a certain hygroscopicity. It is usually added with anti-wetting agent and made into granular form to facilitate storage, transportation and application. 

  Ammonium phosphate is suitable for all kinds of crops and soils, especially for those crops that need more phosphorus and soil that lack phosphorus. The application of ammonium phosphate should firstly consider the amount of phosphorus, the insufficient nitrogen can be used as nitrogen fertilizer supplement, ammonium phosphate can be used as base fertilizer, top fertilizer and seed fertilizer.
  Make base fertilizer and top fertilizer, every 667 ㎡ is advisable with 10-15 kilograms commonly, can furrow is applied or hole is applied, make seed fertilizer every 667 ㎡ with 2-3 kilograms advisable, but unfavorable to contact with seed, prevent to affect germinate and cause burn seedling. The basal fertilizer of fruit-bearing trees should be 2.5 kg per plant, and the top fertilizer could be applied outside the roots, with a concentration of 0.5-1%. Ammonium phosphate cannot be mixed with alkaline substances such as plant ash and lime for application or storage. Application of lime on acidic soil must be separated by 4-5 days before the application of ammonium phosphate, so as to avoid the loss of nitrogen volatilization and reduce the effectiveness of phosphorus.
The Categories Properties And Application Of Ammonium phosphate,Ammoniated calcium superphosphate compound fertilizer.
2.Ammoniated calcium superphosphate
  In order to remove the adverse effect of free acid in calcium superphosphate, a certain amount of ammonia is usually injected into calcium superphosphate to make ammoniated calcium superphosphate, whose main components are NH4H2PO4, CaHPO4 and (NH4)2SO4, containing N2%-3% and p2o5 13% -15%. Ammoniated superphosphate is dry, loose, soluble in water (phosphorus is weak acid soluble), free acid, non-corrosive, hygroscopicity and agglomeration are weak, good physical properties, relatively stable properties.
  Ammoniated superphosphate has slightly better fertilizer effect than superphosphate and is suitable for all kinds of crops. It has the best effect when applied on acidic soil. It should not be mixed with alkaline substances to prevent ammonia volatilization and phosphorus degradation. Due to low nitrogen content, other nitrogen fertilizers should be applied in the same way as calcium superphosphate.