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How to choose compound fertilizer?

After further granulation by rotary drum granulator, the compound fertilizer contains many nutrients needed by plants, which is better than single chemical fertilizer. So how to choose compound fertilizer?

1. Look at the packaging. Qualified products are packed in double layers to prevent moisture and moisture. There are three license numbers on the surface of the package: the production license number, the business license number, the product quality registration certificate number, the content identification of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and the manufacturer and address. Open the outer package, and there should be instructions in the bag.
compound fertilizer

2. Look at the physical properties of compound fertilizer. The compound fertilizer with good quality has uniform particle size, no caking and no pulverization.

3. To buy compound fertilizers produced by regular manufacturers. The fertilizer production line and production technology of regular manufacturers are relatively advanced, and the quality of the products produced is reliable and the reputation is guaranteed.
4. Choose a compound fertilizer suitable for the local area. Most of the locally produced compound fertilizers are compound fertilizers produced according to the soil nutrient content of the area and surrounding areas, the law of crop fertilizer requirements and the fertilizer effect, and are highly targeted.

5. Avoid using "dichloro" compound fertilizer for years. "Dichloro" compound fertilizer is a compound fertilizer produced with ammonium chloride and potassium chloride as raw materials. If the "dichloro" compound fertilizer is applied year after year, the amount of chloride ions stored in the soil is large, and the excessive absorption of crops will cause "chlorine damage" and the soil will also cause "salt damage".

Whether it is to grow flowers or vegetables, we should follow the fertilization principle of "mainly organic fertilizer, supplemented by chemical fertilizer". The long-term single and large-scale use of chemical fertilizer is easy to cause soil hardening, soil fertility decline and soil acidification. On the contrary, it will restrict crop yield and affect product quality. So we must pay attention to the purchase of NPK fertilizer granulator after the treatment of a variety of nutrients compound fertilizer.