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What are the key steps to produce organic fertilizer from chicken manure, pig manure and cow manure

When organic fertilizer production line promotes the development of pollution-free vegetables, experts recommend the use of high-quality organic manure such as compost. During composting, in order to make the compost meet the specified hygienic standards, the key step is to raise the temperature of compost. Generally speaking, the temperature must be raised to 60 ~ 70 ℃ and maintained at this temperature for 6 ~ 7 days, so as to achieve good fertilizer efficiency and kill harmful organisms. A thermometer can be used to measure the temperature, and it can be maintained for 10 days after 60 ℃.

In the organic fertilizer of fermented chicken manure, cow manure and pig manure, protein and other macromolecules are decomposed into small molecules, which can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops, and the rotten chicken manure can hardly smell the odor. Therefore, through the microbial technology, the chicken manure is sterilized, harmlessly treated and thoroughly decomposed, and processed by a fertilizer granulator, so the organic fertilizer after treatment is the best.

The specific process of organic fertilizer production line is different according to the different organic fertilizer products, mainly divided into two types.
1. Organic fertilizer powder production line:
Fermentation -> Feeding Machine -> Crusher -> Mixer -> Screening Machine -> Automatic Packaging Machine -> Finished Product.
Belt conveyors are also needed to connect various equipment. Fermentation is the core step in the production of organic fertilizer, and the fermentation equipment uses a turning machine. The compost turning machine is used to turn and throw organic fertilizer to make it fully fermented. The fermentation method includes tank fermentation and strip fermentation.
Granular organic fertilizer production line
2. Granular organic fertilizer production line:
Fermentation -> Feeding Machine -> Crusher -> Mixer -> Screening Machine -> Granulator -> Automatic Packaging Machine -> Finished Product.
The granule production line has one more granulation step, and there are many granulation methods, such as disc granulator, rotary drum granulator, and roller extrusion granulator. There is a certain gap between the two processes, the cost of construction is also quite different, the cost of the powder production line is lower.