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How to Make Chicken Manure Fertilizer?

Chicken manure contains high nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and nutrient balance, giving it the highest nutritional content in livestock and poultry droppings.However, chicken manure can also be dangerous to crops and plants if improperly composted, as it can damage roots and possibly kill plants.Without proper management of chicken manure, manure can stink and attract rodents and flies, and ammonia is unhealthy for your chickens.Worse, the excess nutrients in chicken droppings can run off the land or seep into the groundwater, affecting the quality of the local surface and groundwater.For maximum economic value, social and ecological benefits, poultry manure should be processed and composted without contamination.Fortunately, as a good source of organic material for composting, poultry dung, which is processed into fertilizer through chicken manure compost and granulation, can help solve problems with flies, maggots, smells and other pollution.
The feed intake of chickens is relatively high, but the feed can only stay in the digestive tract for a short time due to poor digestion, so the output of chicken manure is very high.Statistically, each adult chicken can produce 130g to 180g per day, which means it can produce 55kg to 60kg of chicken per year, so a poultry farm with 10,000 chickens can produce 1,500kg of fresh fertilizer per day.The large amount of chicken manure is a valuable by-product, potentially worth more than $60 million.
How to Make Chicken Manure Fertilizer
Mixing fresh chicken dung with rice hull and humic acid uniformly, then adding rice bran (or wheat bran, corn meal and so on) for mixing, evenly spreading on fermentation raw materials, and then stirring equably for pile composting. If you have a large amount of material waiting to be mixed, it's best to use a professional equipment - Fertilizer Mixer-Horizontal that whips together quickly and evenly.
Chickens cannot fully digest and absorb feed during feeding, which results in about 40 percent of nutrients being excreted from the body, so chicken manure is the best manure available in poultry and livestock feces.Organic fertilizer made from chicken manure provides more nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to soil and plants than does horse, cow or cow dung.
Typically, it takes about a week to complete the composting and fermentation, after which the chicken manure is fully deodorized and plays a role in both sterilization and pest control.For better packaging and a better market, people can use a New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator  for granulation process, to produce granular organic fertilizer, according to the number of raw materials and production requirements to choose the appropriate Organic Fertilizer Production Line.
New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator
Successful Case:
Our Kenya customers visit us on March, 2016 for his organic fertilizer production project in Kenya. Raw material is Chicken Manure and Straws. He wanted to set up a fertilizer production line 2-3 tons per hour. Of course, we can do it. So we make the design for him includes fermentation workshop and fertilizer production plant. They satisfied with our design and our professional technology.