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how to make organic fertilizer(one)?

How to make organic fertilizer?We should know that there are many raw materials for organic fertilizer.but they cannot be used directly. They must be converted into fertilizers.We have professional organic fertilizer production line can help us make the organic fertilizer.
The basic process is briefly described as follows:
1.Fermentation process section
(2)Main fermentation
2.Compound process section
(2)Raw materials mix
(3)Water content control
3.Granulation process section
(2)Compounding and mixing
Let's start with Fermentation process section and Compound process section in this article.
1.Fermentation process section
(1) Pre-fermentation
Take 20 tons of cow dung, 10 tons of chicken dung and 20 tons of pig dung as raw materials, and add them to the mixed pre-fermentation device (imported from the Netherlands) for inoculation, full mixing and pre-fermentation of organic materials.
Adopt the three-in-one combination horizontal anaerobic fermentation equipment (proprietary equipment ), and add the biological species, control the fermentation temperature in the 50-60 ℃, the color is dark brown after fermentation, it smells of odors of compost but no dung. The biogas collected is put into the biogas boiler by water-sealed tank and fire arrester to burn and provide heat for the fermentation device, granulation, drying and other units.
2. Compound process section
Half-wet Crusher Machine the ingredients (straw, straw, soybean cake, bone meal, hoof and horn powder, etc), and crush the inorganic fertilizer at the same time
(2)Compound and mixture of the raw materials
We mix the formula of organic and inorganic materials according to different series of products and mix them fully in Fertilizer Mixer-Horizontal. Let us say the ratio of the organic material is 12 percent, the amount of it about 12tons.
 (3)the control of moisture content 
Add organic materials, like straw powder or turf, with high C/N ratio and low moisture content rate, the amount of charcoal is 6 tons per day, grass carbon is 6 tons per day, the straw is 18 tons per day, the moisture content rate is 60 percent to 65 percent, C/N ratio is 20 to 30 after dealing. The addition materials must be fully crushed.