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Knowledge of fertilizer(four)

 Crops that is prone to molybdenum deficiency:
Leguminous crops, alfalfa are the most prominent, in addition, rape, cauliflower, corn, sorghum, millet, cotton, sugar beet also have good reaction to molybdenum fertilizer.
What’s the consequences of blind fertilization?
1.The decline of land force affects the sustainable development of agriculture.
2.The utilization rate of fertilizer is low, and the environment and groundwater are polluted.
3.The cost is high and the benefit is low.
4.High capacity but low quality.
The iron sensitive crop
There are soybeans, peanuts, sorghum, beets, spinach, tomatoes, apples and so on.  
The application technology of iron fertilizer.
Spraying: 0.2%-1% ferrous sulfate;
Root application: mixing ferrous sulphate and organic fertilizer in proportion to 1:10-20 and applying it to fruit tree.
High pressure injection: the 0.3%-0.5% ferrous sulfate solution was injected directly into the xylem of the tree trunk.
The Mn sensitive crop
Leguminous crops, wheat, potatoes, onions, spinach, apples, strawberries and so on.
 The application Technology of manganese fertilizer
Spraying: the fruit tree used the concentration of 0.3%-0.4% , the leguminous crop is 0.03%, and the rice is 0.1%.
Seed dressing: gramineous crops per kilogram of seed with 4 grams of manganese sulfate, legume 8g-12g, beet 16g.  
The zinc sensitive crop
There are corn, rice, beet, linen, cotton, apple, pear and so on.
The application of Zinc Fertilizer on these crops usually has good fertilizer efficiency.    
Application technology of zinc fertilizer
Base: every 667m2 application of 1-2kg zinc sulfate, and and can mixed with physiological acidic fertilizer;
Top dressing: the 0.02%-0.1% zinc sulfate solution is applied to the general crop, and the concentration of 0.1%-0.5% in corn and rice;
soaking of seeds: 0.02%-0.1%, leaching 12 hours;
seed dressing:per kilogram of seed with 2g-6g zinc sulfate.
Boron-deficient crops
China's current crop vacancy is obvious rape, boron beet, cotton, cabbage, cabbage, radish, celery, cucumber, beans, apple, pear, peach and so on.