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How to Process Organic Fertilizer From Cow Manure

 How to Process Organic Fertilizer From Cow Manure
With the development of the living standard, we all begin to pursue the healthy lifestyle, especially in the dietary habit, like the orgainc milk, organic vegetables, organic rice, and so on. We also can see that it has a huge consumption demand from the table of per capita in the beef and milk, they have become the necessities in our life, and at the same time, which driven the cattle farming industry, so the cow industry has a rapid growth.
 There is report suggested that every cow produce 5%-6% manure of its weight, that is said that an adult cattle with 600 kg wight produce 30kg manure per day, there is more than 10950kg manure every year, it looks like a huge amount of manure, but the daily manure from the cow is also a problem if cant be managed effectively, it will send out offensive smell and reproduce the paresite to pollute the air and damage the cattle farming, and more seriously it will pollute the soil and water to influence the crops growth, also influce the daily life of residents near the farming.                                                      
 How to Process Organic Fertilizer From Cow Manure:
In order to solve these problems made by the cow manure, currently , the most common and valuable method is to ture cow dung into the selable organic fertilizer, this way not only solves the pollution problems, but also makes the waste into the treasure for providing the nutrients to the plant. Cow manure derived product from cow waste contains plenties of nutrition ingredients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and other microelements, which can promote the siol’s moisture-holding nutrient-holding capacities, and fertilities to increase the yield of grain crop, create the additional high income from the organic sales market and protect our environment. If u have a farming, it is necessary to choose the suitable organic fertilzer production line.
How to Process Organic Fertilizer From Cow Manure How to Process Organic Fertilizer From Cow Manure How to Process Organic Fertilizer From Cow Manure

The main process: composting process and granules process.

1.Composting fermentation.
  Cow manure should not be used before composting because fresh manure with dangerous bacteria might hurt crop roots, and it contains grass or weed seeds that would lead to havoc for plant growing. Take 800-900kg organic cow manure as the raw materials, and add propotional organic substances like vegetable waste, garden debris, sawdust,and straw etc for better composting and fermentation. and put them into the Fermentation Compost Turning Machine with proportional species for about one week, the fermentation temperature should be controlled within 65 ℃, the manure compost has brown or dark brown color due to the obvious increasing of ammonium nitrogen content, it smells of odors of compost but no dung and has better absorption by crops after fermentation. And if the moisture of fresh cow manure is up to 60%-80%, it is necessay to use the dewatering machine to removal of water. Then the fertilizerl Crusher will crush the organic manure thoroughly, and crushing size should meet the requirements for granulation. At the same time we also need the mixer to fully mix the organic matter with high uniformity and little residue for the granulation process.
2.Granulation process
  Next the core section is granulation in the process of fertilzer organic production. In oreder to make smooth granulating process, remember to choose a suitable the new type organic fertilizer granulator, which is continuously achieve granulation process. Then the granules coming from the granulator have high moisture content and should fed into the Rotary Dryer through Belt Conveyor for drying to meet the standard, to avoid the death of effective live bacteria because of the high temperature during drying process, the material drying temperature shall not be higher than 65 ℃, to remove moisture, reduce the grain temperature of organic granules after drying, we need to use the cooling machine.  Cooled fertilizer granules is not unifrom size, and unqualified granules will be screened by the fertilizer Screeners. Finished products can be evenly classified, unqualified granules are returned to the crusher, and the qualified granules enter the Granules Fertilizer Packaging Machine with high efficiency for final quantitative packaging and shorten the production cycle. Finally we need to choose the appropriate Organic Fertilizer Production Line according to the kinds of raw materials and production requirements.
The development of organic farm and food are based on developing manure organic fertilizer with high fertilizer efficiency .so the growth of fertilizer procuction industry has significant social benefit in cultivating new economic growth points, improving the quality of subsidiary agricultural products, increasing farmers income and realizing sustainable agriculture development. We believe that organic fertilizer production will have a bright future and profitability.