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The Benefits of Organic Fertilizer

 With the devolpment of living standard of people, it is a new tendency to persue the natural and organic food from our table. Thus we have to mention the plant way of the food in our daily life – organic plant way. This is a way the all farmers and all types of growers are constantly looking for, finally to improve the production yield and make their food natural, organic and healthy for meeting the demands of markets.

Here we also have to mention the organic fertilizer, because we cant have so many healthy vegetables, fruits, meat, and milk without it, so the production of organic fertilizer is the key factor. if you have a cow farm, pig farm, planting base of frutis, vegetables, flowers, trees, it is the crucial to choose a approprite and advanced organic fertilizer production equipments.

The Benefits of Organic FertilizerThe Benefits of Organic FertilizerThe Benefits of Organic Fertilizer

 The benefits of organic fertilize:

The organic fertilizer is the safest, most effective way to improve plants healthy growth and increase the production yield, here are some common benefits of organic fertilizers for healthy planting and good harvest.

1.    Improve soid fertility

The organic fertilizer contains comprehensive, constant and balanced nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and other microelements, which can promote the siol’s moisture-holding , nutrient-holding capacities, and the soil’s structure to make the soid fertility thoroughly improved. It is good and healthy for offering effective planting growth by absorped these best nutrients from siod, fianlly the product quality and crops yield will get the siginificant changements.

2.    Reduce the damage to plant.

The finished and qualified organic fertilizer after composting fermentation can reduce the damnge to plant, because the unprocessed organic manure should not be used, because fresh manure with dangerous bacteria might hurt crop roots, some attach to crops and cause direct pollution, and some enter the soil and cause indirect pollution, and it contains grass or weed seeds and organic compounds that are not conducive to crop growth. In addition, unripe feces can only be absorbed by crops after fermentation, the fermentation compost turning manchine can significently finished this fermentation process, because in this process, the organic waste will be decomposed by the mocrobes and turend into the organic fertilizer, as this slow process, the risk of overfeeding and the phenomenon of burning plant roots will be reduced; not like synthetic fertilizer, which  has high concentrations of nutrients will damage young plants by burning their roots, the Organic Fertilizer Production Line can meet all the requirements to produce high quality and uniform organic fertilizers.

3.    Protect environmen

The animal dung from the farm will by recycled and turned into the organic fertilizer, it is renewable resources, which could reprocessed into powder, granules, tons bags organic fertilizers accordding to the different organic raw materials, and can be absorpted by the plants. The new type organic fertilizer granulator with easy operation, high efficiency is one types of the fertilizer granulators, and the production of animal manure recycled reduce the pollution to the environment.

  The slow-release of organic fertilizers also has advantages to enbironment. Not like the  chemical fertilizers, they are water-soluble, which allows any excess unused fertilizer to be washed away by rain or heavy watering and eventually enter groundwater and pollute streams and lakes. The organic fertilizers promote the siol’s moisture-holding, nutrient-holding capacities, it reduces the possibility of leaching.

4.    Increase the profitability

More and more organic and natural fertilizers were loved by plant growers, if you have a farm with a large amount of organic raw materials, then the finished and qualified organic fertilizer were packaged into bags evenly by the automatic packing machine, it must have a better market for increasing the additional profitability for you. There are so many benefits of the organic fertilizers.