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How to use organic fertilizer with complex components reasonably

The composition of organic fertilizer is complex, so it is very important to be reasonable in application. The manufacturer of fertilizer granulator equipment suggests that we pay attention to the following two points.

1. Organic fertilizer should be fully decomposed before application. If some animal manure, such as pig manure, cattle manure and sheep manure are directly applied to the soil without fermentation and decomposition, the decomposed organic fertilizer in the soil will be decomposed and fermented by microorganisms, and the ammonia gas produced will easily cause crop root burning, and some will breed weeds and spread diseases and insect pests.

We advocate the use of compost turning machine to fully ferment the manure before application. The compost is moistened with water and put into the fermentation tank to make the temperature reach 35-40 ℃. When the manure is fully fermented at high temperature, it can kill the eggs and weed seeds in the compost, which is safer and more effective.
How to use organic fertilizer with complex components reasonably

2. Organic fertilizer should not be concentrated or applied too much. Especially in the dry land crop fertilization, if the organic fertilizer is directly applied between the rows or near the root of the crop, because of the small water holding capacity of the dry soil, the concentration around the root system is too high. After the root system contacts the fertilizer pile, it will cause the physiological water loss of the crop and form the reverse osmosis phenomenon. The crop will not only not absorb the nutrient, but also make the water and nutrient in the root system seep out, making the crop grow badly or wilt However, water loss and dead seedlings caused soil nutrient imbalance.

The fertilizer made by the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process cannot alleviate soil problems, and organic fertilizer has a great effect on fertilizing the soil. Therefore, organic fertilizer should be used as a base fertilizer and mixed evenly in the soil to integrate with the soil. When applying organic fertilizer during the growth period, it should be applied in trenches or in a hole. After application, cover the soil and must not spread it on the ground. Leafy vegetables generally should not be sprayed with high-concentration liquid organic fertilizer as foliar fertilizer.