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How to improve the yield and output of organic fertilizer products?

In a complete organic fertilizer manufacturing process, fermentation, granulation, and pulverization are three key steps. Therefore, the fermenting and stacking machine, the organic fertilizer granulator machine, and the organic fertilizer pulverizer occupy an important role in all organic fertilizer equipment. Here we discuss the problems that may be encountered during the production of these two key links.
organic fertilizer production line

How to improve product yield and output, the key lies in organic fertilizer granulator machine.

First, according to the moisture, fineness and cohesiveness of the raw materials.
1. moisture
The powder raw material is formed into spherical particles through the adhesion of moisture, so the two indicators of controlling the moisture content and making the moisture content uniform become the key factors to improve the yield. The moisture content is lower, the granulation rate is lower, the moisture content is higher, the large particles are more, the moisture is uneven, and the particle size is smaller and the yield is lower.
2. material fineness
The natural and coarse granulation effect of the material fiber is needless to say, the appearance is rough, brittle, and the molding is poor. The higher the fineness, the better the molding and smooth particles.
3. whether the material is sticky
Especially organic fertilizer granulation, general raw material livestock and poultry manure (chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, pigeon manure, etc.), straw (corn straw, straw, leaves, etc.), edible fungus residue, sugar residue, Medicine residue, MSG scraps, etc. Generally, the viscosity of the materials is poor, and certain cohesive filler such as bentonite needs to be added.

Second, choose a fertilizer granulator in the organic fertilizer production line.
For example, those who produce granules can choose disc granulators, new organic fertilizer granulators, and roller granulators.
If producing columnar, choose ring die granulator and column extruder.
For irregular, oblate ball type, choose the right roller extrusion granulator (according to the mold).
A variety of granulation equipment has advantages and disadvantages. According to the raw materials, investment costs (drying without drying), and according to farmers' needs, choose different equipment.

Three, equipment operation
1. For example, the disc granulator can pass the inclination angle of the disc, the flatter the disc, the larger the particles, and the steeper the disc, the smaller the particles.
2, according to the control material moisture, the larger the moisture, the larger the particles, the smaller the moisture, the smaller the particles.
3. According to the speed, the higher the speed, the smaller the particles, and the lower the speed, the larger the particles.
Generally, the unevenness of organic fertilizer particles is mostly due to the uneven mixing of materials and the thickness of material fibers.