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Which equipment is indispensable for making slow-release granular fertilizer

At present, most of them are small-scale organic fertilizer processing plants, which produce fertilizer and sell it in a small range, with regional characteristics. This kind of small fertilizer factory seldom chooses the fertilizer equipment with high configuration, but chooses the simple fertilizer production line. In the selection of simple organic fertilizer equipment, the following equipment is essential: crusher, mixing machine, NPK fertilizer granulator, drum screener machine, quantitative packaging machine. These five equipment can form a simple fertilizer production line.

The whole set of organic fertilizer production line for producing granular organic fertilizer includes: fermentation compost turner, wet material grinder, horizontal mixer, rotary drum granulator or new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, drum screening machine, ball shaping machine, fertilizesr coating machine, quantitative packaging machine and belt conveyor or bucket elevator for transporting materials between equipment. This is a high configuration organic fertilizer production line, and most of the high configuration organic fertilizer manufacturers are relatively large-scale and competitive in the market.
granular organic fertilizer production line
In the production of slow-release fertilizer, the shape of fertilizer particles and raw materials have an impact on the selection of granulating equipment. The general fertilizer granulator generally makes the fertilizer into a ball shape, which is convenient for spreading and storage.

What are the raw materials that have advantages over ordinary livestock and poultry manure? Tea residue, edible fungus residue, cassava residue, silkworm sand, smoke foam, etc. The organic fertilizer produced after decay contains a variety of nutrients, which can promote the production of crops. However, after the disposal of ordinary manure, harmful bacteria may remain, which affects the development of crops. This situation will continue to occur with the application of fertilizers. The green organic fertilizer material has no adverse effects on crops because it comes from agriculture. The processed fertilizer is widely used. The collected pig manure, cow manure and chicken manure are processed into pellet fertilizer, which has high efficiency and good product. And after the unified processing of high-efficiency organic fertilizers, everyone should not worry about the quality of organic fertilizers.